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Question How did the idea of aswaaq arise?
  aswaaq came to translate into action the vision of the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed was the first to point to this project when he was presenting the UAE government’s strategy in April 2007. During the presentation, he said: “We have solutions that are basically dependant on our youth, like the aswaaq project which is based on state-of-the-art technology, minimizes the need for marginal labor and provides a wide range of opportunities for the youth.”.  
Question What is different about aswaaq supermarkets?  

Most of aswaaq supermarkets will be located in aswaaq community centers but also in other location.

aswaaq supermarkets will provide you a first of its kind homely shopping experience, defined by quality, consistent service, tailor-made assortment, fresh selection, value, convenience and excitement, in a clean and friendly atmosphere.

aswaaq supermarkets will have a distinctive area “street market” where you will feel the traditional taste of shopping but in the highest standards of hygiene and quality

Question What is aswaaq Community Center?  
  aswaaq will operate as a retail outlet, designed as a mini-mall that is made up of a supermarket attached with many other service centers which would meet the requirements of all members of the family, including gymnasia, general services, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), cafeterias, barbering shops, ladies’ salons and other things which meet the needs of people in the neighborhood.  
  Question What are the long-term and short-term goals of aswaaq?  
Efficiently manage the business to maximize profitability and accelerate return to shareholders.
Market leader in brand preferences and customer satisfaction.
Fairness in offer.
Lead the social responsibility programs within the communities.
Question What will be aswaaq's contribution to the community?  

aswaaq will create new business opportunities for UAE national entrepreneurs through leasing of retail shops, supply to the supermarkets and provide job opportunities for UAE Nationals.

Question When is the 1st aswaaq opening and what is the expansion plan?  
aswaaq Nad Al Hamar and Al Mizhar in the last quarter of 2008.
7 locations in 2009
2010 in other emirates
Question What is the concept behind aswaaq?  

The purpose of establishing the Company is the improvement of the wellness of its Shareholders socially and economically, by following the principle of social responsibility.

To create business opportunities for UAE national entrepreneurs such as leasing of retail shops or supply to the supermarkets.
To provide return to Shareholders, support the Community and also job opportunities for UAE Nationals.
Question Who is supporting you financially?  
  aswaaq is a UAE national company supported by Dubai government.  
Question Is it a Dubai project or federal government project?  

aswaaq is a UAE project which the UAE cabinet approved its establishment.
It is being managed and run by UAE nationals supported by experienced professional expatriates and provides services for the UAE people with the benefit spreading to all sons and daughters of the UAE.

Question Does aswaaq intend to support UAE entrepreneurs financially?  

aswaaq will only provide investment opportunities to UAE nationals, such as; leasing of retail shops and supplying the supermarket. aswaaq will not provide any financial support. SME members will have a special treatment.


What are your plans to develop employment opportunities for nationals?


Based on one of the objectives of aswaaq, which is to provide job opportunities for nationals, our focus is on recruiting Nationals for all levels within the aswaaq organizational structure. Selection will be based on relevant experience and education to fit the profile of the job and position.

Question Is there any plan for an IPO?  

Yes. aswaaq IPO plan will be released at a later stage.

Question What kind of goods will be found in aswaaq supermarket?  

All grocery products, fresh produce with a level of freshness which cannot be seen anywhere else, including home cooked bakery, plus a choice of basic household items which will make your life easier. All food items will be Halal. No cigarettes will be sold at aswaaq.

Question What’s the Food Hygiene @ aswaaq aim?  

aswaaq will invest in food hygiene to protect our customers from consuming unsafe food, to maintain a high standard of food hygiene. aswaaq will be the first retailer in UAE to acquire an international certificate in food hygiene and safety. Aswaaq will follow HACCP Standards

Question  How many locations do you have for leasing and at what rate?  

aswaaq will open community center in the year 2008,  Nad Al Hamar and Al Mizhar 6 more are planned for year 2009.
Around 40 outlets will be available for lease in the two first locations
The rental rates proposed by aswaaq will be competitive with the market rate in practice in each area.

Question Who is eligible to lease in aswaaq?  

Everyone, a percentage of lease area will be dedicated as priority to SME Member to support them to start their businesses.


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